Safety/Loss Control (Bloomington, IN)

Posted: Feb 02, 2018


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Do you find the trucking industry fascinating? Do you crave the satisfaction that comes from knowing you made an impact in the lives of others? Are you looking to get out of the office and into the field working directly with insureds to improve safety performance? We are looking for someone who sees safety as more than just compliance.

This position assists the underwriting department in the evaluation of current and potential insureds and discusses exposures present with company management. They also assist insureds to develop and implement their own procedures to reduce and manage their exposures in efforts to lower loss ratios.

You will have the authority to schedule your travel to provide a work-life balance. We have a position available reporting to the Eastern Region offices for an individual based east of the Mississippi River and a position reporting to the Central Region offices for an individual based near Houston, Texas.

This is a career you should consider if you:

  • Have a background in Military Logistics, Commercial Auto Risk Management, Trucking Company Operations Management, or Loss Prevention.
  • Are adept in networking, building relationships, negotiating, and problem solving.
  • Enjoy coaching, teaching, giving public presentations, and approaching work with a consultative approach.
  • Possess a strong customer service orientation.
  • Are a self-starter, organized, analytical, professional, and committed to excellence.


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